Themes for Blogger (Blogspot)

The Blogger themes offered by default are few and often you want to better customize your world and find a design that really suits you. It is possible to download a free Blogger theme and install it on your blog very easily (feel free to read my tutorial if you don’t know how to do it).

I’ve selected some free themes for Blogger that you will find below and that can be adapted to all kinds of worlds: women’s or men’s blog, various themes, etc.

As they are free designs, they do not include technical support most of the time. If you want to customize or translate them, you will have to do it yourself. However, some of them can be purchased as a premium version for a small fee, so they offer more options and often the possibility to ask your questions to the theme creator.

Maverick, a versatile free template

Maverick is a Swiss Army knife that can be used for many blog themes. It’s a theme that everyone can project themselves into, with a drop-down menu and a second menu at the top of the page, the possibility to enhance their social networks and a “Grid” type display to quickly view the latest articles.

It gets a slightly disappointing PageSpeed rating of E (58/100) but its loading speed in seconds is still correct.

Because there’s more to life than WordPress, I’m pleased to publish today an article exclusively dedicated to resources for the Blogger platform. And more precisely, to Blogger Made Home Templates. Although the platform offers free templates, it is clear that they are quite rigid and they all look the same. So when you find nice sources offering designs just for Blogger, that don’t remind you of the platform at first glance, and at a low price, that’s great!

Here’s a nice novelty on the Epiceriedublog side since the famous Blogger themes just arrived a few days ago. Currently, no less than ten Templates are available. Templates that are at the same time sober, feminine and elegant, which make a real difference with these templates that we see everywhere and which are all the same except for a few details.

Here is the example of the one I’m the most fan of, namely MiniGray that you can find right here or view in demo mode :

The MiniGray Template respects all the codes of the theme classics you would expect: The Sticky Menu, a beautiful slider, the eternal social network icons, the relative posts or even the insert dedicated to Instagram snapshots. A template that will be a real eye-catcher for many people, no doubt about it.